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    Las Ramblas: Spain's most famous and colourful avenue

    Situated in Barcelona’s buzzing city centre, Las Ramblas is a must see for any visitor. As one of the most iconic avenues in Spain, it is a popular pedestrian market street that connects Plaza Catalunya with the statue of Cristobal Colon. Las Ramblas is always alive with fantastic shopping, dining and a famed vibrant nightlife.

    Located near Capri by Fraser Barcelona, it is the ideal attraction for all our guests staying in our luxury style apartments. It is easily accessible by car or public transport and has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are after some souvenirs to bring home to loved ones, an authentic Spanish dish or are looking for a great night out on the town, Las Ramblas has it all.

    History of Las Ramblas

    Las Ramblas was originally a sewage-filled stream-bed but in 1377, the city walls were extended to include Las Ramblas.  In 1440, the stream was diverted to run outside the new walls and Las Ramblas began its transition to a street.

    Over several centuries, Las Ramblas has become an iconic hub for the Catalan culture and lifestyle, becoming home to an abundance of markets, sports and festivals as well as various religious places of worship.   Since the beginning, it has always been a lively and exciting area and is conveniently located close to one of the best hotels near Las Ramblas; Capri by Fraser Barcelona.

    Spanish culture flows through Las Ramblas with a charming presence that can be felt by all visitors. Las Ramblas boasts some of the most iconic cultural landmarks in Spain including the Gran Teatre del Liceu; Barcelona’s historic opera house which has been open for 170 years. Other famed structures in Las Ramblas are Teatre Principal; Barcelona’s oldest theatre, and Palau de la Virreina; a baroque palace which is known for hosting cultural exhibitions and events.

    Shopping at Las Ramblas

    No trip to the Catalan capital is complete without browsing for some gifts and mementos of your trip. A visit to Las Ramblas will not disappoint any shopaholic. As you in the heart of the cities shopping district, you will be able to pick up traditional Spanish souvenirs such as decorated clay bowls and plates, jarred olives, jams, wine and local goods that make great gifts to take home to family and friends. Major fashion brands and beauty retailers line the avenue allowing you to seek out unique fashion pieces that you may not be able to find in the UK.

    Beautiful stalls also create small markets up and down Las Ramblas each selling clothes and jewellery - there are also many striking flower kiosks that are worth browsing. With street performers and entertainment always occurring, your shopping experience at Las Ramblas is guaranteed to be fun and lively. The close proximity of local attractions to Capri by Fraser Barcelona is one of the many renowned features that make us one of the most sought after hotels near Las Ramblas.

    Dining at Las Ramblas

    As well as great shopping, the area also houses many appealing dining options. With a range of cafés, restaurants, food stalls and bars, Las Ramblas is a great choice for experiencing delicious local cuisines while in Barcelona. The main dining hub of Las Ramblas is La Boqueria where tourists come from far and wide to experience a taste of Barcelona.

    Here you will find stalls that have local delicacies to unique fares that may only be braved by adventurous gastronomists. Stalls at La Boqueria offer dishes that range from black eels to bulls tails and lots of tasty local produce such as sangria and chorizo.

    If you are looking for a change from Capri by Fraser, Barcelona’s dining options, Las Ramblas is home to many choices that will appeal to all palates ranging from authentic Spanish cuisine to western favourites. A variety of charming restaurants includes Bar Lobo, which services traditional, fresh native dishes with a menu that offers everything from delectable breakfasts to seafood dinners.

    Another favoured choice in Las Ramblas is El Quim De La Boqueria, situated within La Boqueria market. This famed food stall come restaurant serves up fresh and delicious meals with beautiful presentation. All the ingredients at El Quim are bought from stalls within the market which gives the eaterie that touch of local authenticity that makes it so appealing.

    Discover the local nightlife

    The famed street of Las Ramblas is the perfect location for a memorable night out in Barcelona city centre.  At night, the avenue transforms into a vibrant area with a unique atmosphere. The eclectic selection of bars and clubs along Las Ramblas keep it alive through all hours of the night and are guaranteed to provide an authentic evening.

    With clubs that keep the party going all night long, you can dip into late night discos, electronic DJ sets and live music venues. Whatever your party preference, Las Ramblas has it all.

    For something slightly lower key and diverse, the Raval neighbourhood located on the other side of Las Ramblas is an evolving area providing visitors with a sense of exclusivity. It expresses a rustic vibe with cosy bars, small discos and hard to find ‘speakeasy’ clubs which you may need to ask a local on where to find.

    The Las Ramblas area makes for the perfect night out in Barcelona as it is easy to travel to from Capri by Fraser Barcelona. Many of our guests enjoy this convenience by taking taxis or walking to town and our location is a major aspect that draws our visitors to us.   

    Handy Location

    While staying at Capri by Frasers, Barcelona, guests enjoy the convenience of our handy location. We are one of the top-rated hotels near Las Ramblas which gives our visitors easy access to the best local attractions.

    Our luxury hotel is situated just a short drive from Las Ramblas, taking no more than 20-minutes. Public transport can have you there in approximately 25-minutes and if you fancy a delightful stroll to take in the stunning architecture of the local neighbourhoods, it is about a 30-minute walk. In addition to our five-star amenities, the handy location of Capri by Frasers, Barcelona, is just one of the many reasons guests choose us as their luxury accommodation choice.

    We look forward to welcoming you – make your reservation here.



    Address: Sancho de Avila 32 Barcelona 08018 Spain |
    Tel: +34 93 3208735 | Fax: +34 93 3209395 |


    Address: Sancho de Avila 32 Barcelona 08018 Spain |
    Tel: +34 93 3208735 | Fax: +34 93 3209395 |


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